Halloween Contact Lens Safety

Digital Eye Strain

Scratches in your Lenses?

Halloween is approaching and many of you might want to get spooky contacts to go with your costume this year, but do you know the risks of getting these contacts with out a proper fit or prescription?  If you follow these tips below you should have a safe Halloween contact lens experience.


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Digital Eye Strain is becoming a really problem today.  Most of us are glued to our digital devices more and more.  The average smart phone user looks at their phone for more than 4 hours a day. There are many things you can do to help curve digital eye strain.


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Can you really get scratches out of your lenses?


We have heard a lot about these myths that you can get the scratches out of your eyeglass lenses by using different household products.  Do they work? Not really. You have to think of the surface of your lens like the earth and a scratch like the grand cannon.  All these “fixes” do is fill the gap or in this case the grand cannon and make it look like the scratch is gone.  If its one or two scratches its fine…have a whole bunch and these “fixes” make it look like a smudge.  Also filling these scratches on a progressive lens can really distort the prescription of the lens making them unusable.


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